> I am saying that for gaining speed on modern disks, in particular
> flash disk ands large sector disks, you should already make a big
> difference with a small pooling cache and a short delay,

That's true -- but I don't think either LBACACHE or UIDE actually do that.  I 
could be wrong, but I think they are very simple write-through caches that 
don't delay or try to pool/combine any of the writes at all.  If they did, and 
also added support for non-INT 13h disks, it could indeed make a HUGE 

> which is both simpler and less risky than large, long delay caches
> where a lot of hooks try to find out when a good moment to write
> is and a "last safe moment to write", e.g. before reboot, before
> crash? or > before you return to the prompt, as many users assume it
> is safe to switch off a DOS PC while it is "idle" at the prompt.

Less risky, at least if the system is unstable.  Actually only a little 
simpler, though, since any kind of delay at all, no matter how small, requires 
monitoring reboots and prompts.

In all cases, it should be OK to shut off the system at a prompt.  All caches, 
including SMARTDRV, must commit their write-delay caches before the DOS prompt 
returns.  I personally have an OFF.BAT file to shut down my computers instead 
of using the power switch, anyway, and it makes sure everything is flushed and 
committed.  Handling crashes is another story -- no way to handle those in any 
OS unless you use a journaling file system.

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