> Somewhat amusing that Bret would describe this "shorthand" in a
> much shorter way than I did.

There is no formal definition of this, at least that I've ever seen.  It's just 
a convenient way of talking about code at a high/conceptual level in forums and 
e-mails, without actually needing to explicitly write sample code.

> I've been out of the loop on development for a while. Bret, do you,
> incidentally, remember whether we came up with this one
> independently, or how did it develop? I honestly would have to
> search through old mail again to answer that myself.

I don't remember where I saw it first -- it might in fact have been something 
from you.  It seems to be a relatively common practice now, though.

> I might slightly amend my (long!) description in that I prefer to
> use "Int" in that capitalization and no space between that
> abbreviation and the xx; whereas, say, Bret uses "INT"
> all-capitalized here, and a space before the xx.

Personal preference.  As there is no formal definition, as long as the reader 
can understand what you're trying to say I don't think it makes much difference.

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