Hi Micheal,

> I'd like to get some recommendations of how to work around this, either within
> FDCINFIG.SYS or some combination of this and other files. The goal is to 
> present
> a menu with the complete list of image types (or some way of drilling down 
> into
> these items) and it's easy for the user to choose the correct one and it will
> automatically run the appropriate command.
Are you using FDAUTO.BAT? You could use the choice command
for example

Choice /C:0123456789abcdef
if "%errorlevel%"=="1" goto option1
else if "%errorlevel%"=="2" goto option2
else if "%errorlevel%"=="3" goto option3
else if "%errorlevel%"=="4" goto option4
goto end
goto end

for 16 menu options
Obviously not as convenient as FDCONFIG.SYS menu
Hope this helps,


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