Sorry, hit the wrong key; made this batfile in freedos 1.1:

cd \
cd tag
dir >dmyy.txt
cd \
cd djgpp
cd bin
copy c:\tag\dmyy.txt  c:\djgpp\bin\dmy.txt

Ran perfect; then changed it:

cd \
cd djgpp
cd \
cd djgpp
cd bin
copy c:\djgpp\dmyy.txt c:\djgpp\bin\dmy.txt

With no change but the source directory, the bat stops after 'dir>dmyy.txt'
;pressing enter it will continue; then more strangely ran the second one in
freedos 1.0(live cd) ran perfect. Tried it in w98 dosbox and it worked;
Then the most crazy thing of all; rebooted into freedos 1.1 again and it
*would* run if I booted with option 3, the SMS one. I even tried remaking
the bat with a different filename and it
*still did the exact same thing*. Something's broke?Richard<
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