Continuation of previous question, subj changed,  was: "Support for 4k byte 

Leaving aside (Free)DOS kernel support for bigger HD sectors.

Reminder : the following - should fit on one line - is a schematic of what is 
expected to work :

Hard Disk -- USB (4K sectors) -- DOS with "usbaspi.sys" (ASPI manager) -- 
"didd1000.sys" (ASPI to DOS converter)

The ASPI to DOS converter is the part that has to adapted, or else redone from 
scratch. I mm using Novac's excellent DIDD1000.SYS as a reference, 
unfortunately as distributed that assumes 512 byte sectors for hard disks.

After some partial disassembling and study, it seems it is not an easy task to 
patch DIDD1000 *without access to source code*. The (non essential) int 13 
implementation is relatively easy to fix, but the DOS interface (scan partition 
tables and install DOS volumes; execute DOS driver commands) is problematic, 
not the least because enlarging some buffer posited in the middle of the driver 
would offset all data and code situated after said buffer, both during the 
transient (installation) and permanent phases of the DOS driver's life...

Intellectual property and legality matters set apart┬░, would it be easier to 
make a new "ASPI to DOS, 4K aware converter" from scratch ? Or rather, are 
there usable bases for such an endeavor (free source code) ?

┬░ It is my understanding, in vague terms, that most stringent "anti reverse 
engineering" laws allow for independent fixes and enhancements to IP protected 
code, but IANAL.


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