Op 29-1-2012 16:19, Bret Johnson schreef:

> USBDRIVE provides a device driver, but also provides an INT 13h interface.  
> There are lots of freely available DOS tools that will work with this type of 
> architecture, since the USB disk appears to be a simple removable hard drive. 
>  DOS should have been natively supporting sectors other than 512 since the 
> early 1980's, anyway.
> OTOH, an ASPI driver might make sense for USB CDs and DVDs instead of an 
> MSCDEX-style driver approach, since ASPI allows for easy writing to disks 
> instead of just reading.  The standard MSCDEX-style drivers aren't set up for 
> writing.

Traditional SCSI controllers had the following layout:
[1] Mass Storage Controller driver (SCSI/ASPI) (providing int13?)
[2] Disk controller driver (usually not needed), hooks into [1]
[3] CD driver (hooks into [1], thus independent of [2]). LUN-support
[4] CDEX-driver (hooks into [4], giving a DOS driveletter)

As USB and Firewire are simplified (ahem..) SCSI implementations anyway, 
various operating systems use SCSI stacks for this. Think IOMEGA used 
ASPI/SCSI also a lot for their infamous ZIP drives.

I think some (Linux-based?) backup software went through ASPI. Most 
notable are indeed CD-writing software like CDRECORD and WODIM, only 
requiring [1] to be loaded to talk to a device.
Some commercial USB/Firewire CD-drivers might also depend on ASPI.

Jack has his own private reasons for not being a fan of ASPI, thus his 
UIDE driver (PCI IDE/SATA storage and optical disk driver) doesn't 
implement nor hook into ASPI. I'm not aware of opensource CD-writing 
software that doesn't require ASPI.

My solution in VMware for example has been attaching the physical 
CD-drive as a SCSI (Buslogic) drive to the virtual machine, then loading 
the BTDOSM.SYS driver followed by using WODIM.

Slightly more convenient/generic might be the ASPI.SYS driver by OAK 

An opensource generic ASPI driver for USB and/or IDE could be a very 
nice addition. Even if your purpose is 4K sector support :)


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