> Jack has his own private reasons for not being a fan of ASPI, thus his
> UIDE driver (PCI IDE/SATA storage and optical disk driver) doesn't
> implement nor hook into ASPI.   I'm not aware of opensource CD-writing
> software that doesn't require ASPI.

Not entirely true -- UIDE can call "Int 13h" drivers for all types of
hard-disks, and upon return from their drivers, UIDE will cache their
read/write data, as well.   If a SCSI disk has such a software driver
or even a BIOS chip on its interface card that handles Int 13h calls,
UIDE will "cache" such disks.

What UIDE will NOT permit is handling any BIOS units flagged as being
"removeable"!!   One CANNOT be certain all DOS variants will handle a
"media change" (new disk) within their Int 13h coding, which was done
at a time when Int 13h hard-disks really were "HARD"!   As I will NOT
have UIDE get "blamed" for an older DOS system failing to "flush" its
disk buffers on media-changes, UIDE will NOT handle "removeable" hard
disk drives!   That includes USB types!

My "private" reasons for not liking ASPI are many --

1) ASPI is too complex.  Whatever happened to a SIMPLE interface that
    provides read/write and perhaps format commands only??   All other
    functions are rarely used by disks and should be diagnostic-only.

2) ASPI is mainly for SCSI drives, which are expensive, same as their
    $200+ controller cards.   You get IDE for nothing, last I heard.

3) In 1998, I came back to California to take a job at Adaptec, after
    4 years in Utah, only to find that the man who would have been "my
    boss" hadn't cleared my paperwork before offering me the job, i.e.
    I had NO job!!   Absolutely UNETHICAL, and INEXCUSABLE, and I have
    had nothing to say for that man, nor for Adaptec, from then on!

If the idea of doing drivers for USB is still "open", why NOT write a
simple Int 13h driver that handles disk reads/writes only, instead of
"obeying" the full SCSI/ASPI set of rules simply because they ARE the
so-called "rules"??

In 1980, an associate of mine "took one look" at a 750K video package
[done in "C" of course!], and he noted "They've got GUTS calling THAT
a 'driver'"!!   I have precisely the same feelings about a lot of the
software for using USB, thus far.

Something simpler/Better/SMALLER for USB disks and CDs/DVDs really is
NECESSARY, people!   Until we get it, I plan to avoid all USB devices
like the PLAGUE!

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