Hi, quick reply (as it takes too long to think things like this
through, it's a complicated question),

On Sat, Feb 4, 2012 at 11:17 AM, the bcpino <bcp...@gmail.com> wrote:
> I usually use VirtualBox, but as Jack said, it didn't emulate well
> some old hardware.

It's "mostly" fine but doesn't like UIDE. Not a surprise, so not a
deal breaker (though on real hardware UIDE is much more

> Which one should I use? QEMU, some VMware "gratis".

VMware is reputedly pretty good, but I've never bothered, too lazy.
Bernd (as mentioned) seems to love it, and you can use Eduardo's
VMSMOUNT, so that's a big incentive right there. (I really need to
test it one of these days.)

QEMU is okay (and VirtualBox is partially based upon it) but quite
slow (last I checked a while back). It also doesn't fully emulate
segments, so some stuff (e.g. 286 16-bit pmode) won't work correctly.
Also getting newer Win32 builds seems problematic (while VirtualBox
has no problem).

> I need SB16 and network emulation, controlling CPU cycles (I don't
> want to burn my PC)

IIRC, VirtualBox will let you choose what percent of the cpu to
utilize. Also, newer FreeDOS kernels have a CONFIG.SYS option
IDLEHALT, which you may find interesting (though offhand I don't know
if it helps, or FDAPM, or what).

I have not tried a lot of heavy stuff under VirtualBox lately, too
lazy, also tend to just use DOSEMU or native FreeDOS here instead. BUT
... FASM author's Kelvar (32-bit flat real) demo worked in VirtualBox
4.x on this VT-X cpu (Westmere, Nehalem, 32nm), and it used both SB
.WAV playing and graphics. Oh, and the PCNTPK (or whatever, aka
AMDPD.ZIP) packet driver also works under VirtualBox, apparently, as I
successfully tested the DOS port of Dillo, my own sloppy compile of
Lynx, and various mTCP stuff.

So just FYI, it will probably "mostly" work for you, and fairly
quickly too. But some better functionality may?? require VT-X. Others
are fairly good too (DOSBox, Bochs) but slower.

Just don't get your hopes up too high (then they can't be dashed, heh).   ;-)

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