>  test kernel supporting 4KB sectors, note it limits
> buffers to 2 to avoid memory corruption on boot.  
> Thanks for testing,

By an extraordinary coincidence - I am not making this up ! I received mail 
from PLoP's developer today, a short time after I had posted the following note 
to this list :

> A PLoP boot diskette would've  been ideal for this, EXCEPT... PLoP does  not 
> support other than 512 byte sectors on USB hard disks, at the moment. 

Strike that out !
The great news is a new version of PLoP is available for download from 
now *including /experimental/ support for 4K sectors ! *

N.B. Be warned the author writes he doesn't think it works well or has a 
future. Caveat emptor, then. 

Also of note, PLoP's license has changed it is now free for use including 
commercial. Donations will be accepted still? Please watch what Elmar had to 
say about the change (at the above URL).


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