Hi Caylan,

> I'm having an issue where the CPU hangs in a wait state until I press
> a key.  This only happens in my application, a very elder DTM MUMPS
> program.  For example, the screen will not redraw until I type a key.
> If there is a long processing, I have to hold down the ENTER key for
> the program to continue to process data.

That sounds like DOS and/or VMWare assuming that your
application is actually idle and can be frozen to save
CPU time on your host system. When the key press is
processed, it becomes obvious again that the app is
actually not idle. This might be caused by an unlucky
combination of VMWare settings (and maybe host system
settings) and for example the FreeDOS IDLEHALT setting
in config.sys or fdconfig.sys or use of tools such as
FDAPM. You can switch FDAPM and IDLEHALT to "weaker"
idle detection modes or omit them and see if it helps
although completely omitting them will probably make
VMWare use unnecessarily much CPU on your PC again...

> I've read through various FreeDOS compatibility guides, FAQs, and
> didn't see this mentioned.  Is there a way to search the user
> archives?

Most probably yes - go to freedos.org and there to mailing lists?
Or google and use site:NAMEOFTEHOST, e.g. site:mail-archive.com
to explicitly search on a website which archives freedos-user...

Regards, Eric

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