Op 12-2-2012 0:53, kqt4a...@gmail.com schreef:
> I just inherited a Tandy 1000 TX
> Can someone point me to docs
> I have a 720KB floppy and 210MB harddrive

I'd recommend getting a ready-to-run bootdisk from
[ http://sites.google.com/site/rugxulo/ ].

] is also an option as it lists a 720KB floppy (which can be written to 
a 720KB floppy in a 720KB floppy drive or 1.44MB floppy drive using 
WinImage or RAWRITE or something similar)

Realisticly though, if such old machines are networked, I'd better 
prepare some bootdisks that can connect to FTP/HTTP by using the MTCP 
programs ( http://www.brutman.com/mTCP/ ). That way you could boot from 
the floppy, download the FreeDOS CD-ROM imagefile, and install from there.

Connecting a FreeDOS CD-image as a virtual CD over the internet is 
possible as well, but that may require at least anything from a 386 to a 
Pentium Pro machine ( http://ipxe.org) so wouldn't be an option for you.


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