On Wed, Feb 15, 2012 at 9:38 AM, BretJ <bretj...@juno.com> wrote:
> I personally would like to see modern DOS applications (the few that are
> still being developed) support the multimedia keys, power management keys,
> and scroll wheels on keyboards and mice.

Less useful in things like cmdline compilers like DJGPP, of course.
Also, not every keyboard has all the extra keys (though I'm sure
you're aware of that).

This one here (Lenovo desktop keyboard), for instance, lacks anything
extra except for Fn, only one Win key (not two), Menu, and I forget
whatever-the-hell that weird orange LVT button above the keypad does.

(Deprecated XKEYB had some optional support for 0xE0 or whatever keys,
not sure about current KEYB. TDE editor can optionally use the Win key
to bring up the menu with alternate of Ctrl-'\' also. I know Eric Auer
buys 102-key keyboards without the dumb Win keys.)

EDIT: Hmmm, oops, I guess Fn + F1-F8 is supposed to do some multimedia
stuff (orange pics below the "F7" etc. descriptions), though I never
use it. Typically Fn is for things like my laptop (or so I thought)
which lack some obvious keys (and even, oddly, Break, on my current
one, probably so they could put an annoying "eject disc" button, argh,
gotta love accidentally pressing that).

> Modern (USB) keyboards and mice
> almost always have them, but DOS applications, even modern ones, almost
> never support them.
> I'm just wondering what others think about this, and how "important" they
> see this lack of support being?

As for the scroll wheel, you have to have a recent version of
CuteMouse (e.g. after 1.9, IIRC). Some few apps do support it (e.g.
Blocek, Hammer of Thyrion, GVEDIT, NDN, Mpxplay, Arachne, 4DOS, etc.)
but not too many else. Probably because most other DOS mouse drivers
and DOS emulations (DOSEMU, WinXP) don't support it.

As much as I avoid the mouse and prefer the keyboard, admittedly
sometimes I tend to fall back on the scroll wheel, esp. if reading
forum posts. But sometimes that's because it's awkward to regain focus
with the keyboard between (or within) most apps. (As you know, some
things require a mouse exclusively, which I think is bad design.)

P.S. The buzz is all around tablets and touchscreens these days. While
I can (barely) see the point, it seems bad for things like text input.
But I guess if all you're doing is browsing around or playing (very)
simplistic games, it doesn't matter. For some reason, "modern" people
have a hard time understanding that one size doesn't fit all, as they
often try to cram one paradigm into every solution (square pegs into
round holes). But anyways, enough ranting from me ....

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