I am looking to make a few improvements to the www.freedos.org web
site, with a focus on making information easier to find. I am looking
for YOUR COMMENTS to help me. I'd appreciate hearing from GENERAL
USERS and DEVELOPERS, pretty much anyone who uses the FreeDOS web
site. This should take about 5 minutes of your time.

Over the years, I often get questions from new users, asking "Why
FreeDOS?" or "Can FreeDOS do ___?" These questions are answered in
various places on the web site. Since people keep emailed me these
questions, I think it's fair to assume folks aren't finding the
information they need. And with the release of FreeDOS 1.1, I'm
getting more of these questions.

I'm thinking about merging some content from
www.freedos.org/freedos/about/ into the front page, and breaking out
other content using a more easily-read style. But I need to keep the
important stuff on the front page. For example, I think the developer
news ("Latest updates") needs to stay. Also, I'm wondering if the
"tabs" on the top banner bar really need to be there, or if they're
just confusing.

My question is WHAT content are people looking for. That's where YOU can help:

- Why do YOU visit the FreeDOS web site? About how often do you visit
the web site?

- What information are you looking for that you ARE ABLE to find?

- What information are you looking for that you CANNOT find?

- Is the web site navigation confusing, or does it make sense to you?

- What do YOU think needs to be on the front page?

Please email me off-list.


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