> Now the problem was when we wrote this, that there was no way
> to store any data to pass it back to the calling batch file.
> We had a clumsy turbodisk memory partition (there is no writable storage  
> on
> our system when running under FreeDOS), so we write a batch file in that
> partition with the environment variables we need, and then the calling
> script executes than batch file on exit to "pickup" those set environment
> variables.

Sounds good.

> Anyway, updated to latest FreeDOS and this no longer works.   The  
> turbodisk
> is getting created fine, it's being formatted, and we can find it's drive
> letter correctly using the find utility.

So... how exactly doesn't it work then? Is the file created? Is it called?  
(Try to insert some echo commands into the batch script and check whether  
they're visible.)

C. Masloch

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