Op 8-3-2012 18:43, Mark Gillespie schreef:
> Thanks, after using all the excellent advice so far, I am **ALMOST**
> back up and running, the environment variable problem has been worked
> around, and I have taken onboard the memory saving advice (have about
> 470k of conventional memory, which should be ample, how much did
> billyboy say we wouln't need anything more than?).

Your config below mentions a bare JEMMEX , for improved amounts of 
memory you could add one or more of the following settings:

* NOEMS (disables EMS almost 100%, and its pageframe entirely)
* I=B000-B7FF (use Monochrome area, might work, or not)
* I=TEST (test for additional UMBs)
* X=TEST (test for additional UMBs)

> Problem is, now the ghost process is crashing with a read error from the
> DVD, which I know don't contain any errors.   Could this be related to
> me using UIDE.SYS rather than our previous driver (oakcdrom.sys)?  Is
> there anything I should be aware of?  Or any way to help diagnose the error?

It's a possibility. Could you try to invoke UIDE in a very basic way?

That way you have a CD-ROM driver without using HMA ( /H switch),
without handling harddisk ( /N1 ),
without using extended memory ( /N3 ),
without using UMBs ( /H option in DEVLOAD , bit unstable with DMA/VDS 
and some EMM386 flavors).

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