> Problem (seems to be) solved.   Formerly I was using a line:
> ...and this gave problems.   When I replaced INSTALLHIGH with
> DEVICEHIGH -- there are no problems anymore.
> I thought, that INSTALL and DEVICE keywords are synonyms for
> fdconfig.sys file, since I was very long time using various
> combinations, like e.g.:
> ...and it "just works" with no problems whatsoever - unfortunately,
> not in UIDE*-s case.   But now I see, there must be some difference
> indeed., and for *.SYS files should be DEVICE, and for COM/EXE -
> INSTALL.   The opposite can work, but doesn't have to.

I had a LONG set of comments for you, but I will save them.   The
"DEVICE" command requires a .SYS file, but can be used for a file
with a .SYS "header" at its start, e.g. RDISK.COM and JEMMEX.EXE.
As far as I know, the "INSTALL" command is absolutely NOT for any
"pure" .SYS files!   If you want to load a .SYS file after CONFIG
has been run, use a DEVLOAD command in your AUTOEXEC.BAT file.

UIDE/UIDE2/UIDEJR are .SYS files, and always will be, as the need
for loading them later by DEVLOAD seems to be limited to FreeDOS,
that does not provide HMA space for drivers before CONFIG.SYS has
been run.   Other DOS systems DO make HMA available during CONFIG
and so I see no-big-need for the UIDE drivers to load later or be
unloaded, despite the many "unload" FREAKS in this world!    They
are hard SYSTEM drivers -- Why, after using UltraDMA and caching,
would anyone ever WANT to "unload" such a driver??!!

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