2012/3/15, Jack <gykazequ...@earthlink.net>:

> Now that JEMMEX is available, HIMEMX + JEMM386 and XMGR + JEMM386 are
> "historical curios" only, and JEMMEX should be preferred.

That was my guess: "maybe some of them can be even seen as 'obsolete' by now".

> As to the caching drivers, LBAcache may still be a hair faster than even 
> UIDE2,
> since LBAcache has all its tables in "real" memory, while UIDE2 still
> has its main cache-data table in XMS (LBA address, unit number, block
> count for each cache block).   LBAcache and UIDE/UIDE2 all use "Write
> Through" caching (no "delayed" writes) and thus are small.   A "Write
> Back" cache such as SMARTDRV or Norton NCACHE2, does do writes with a
> delay, so that if the same block is written 2 or 3 times in sequence,
> as with compilers and data-bases, the cache saves time by writing the
> "last" data over a 0.5 to 1-second time frame to the disk.   They are
> FAR more complicated, as they need "hooks" on more of the DOS system!

Actually, it was a bit surprising to me, that I still need a software
cache, while using hardware, which - like for DOS requirements - is
really very fast. Unfortunately, using no caching at all, I noticed
pauses (3-4 seconds), that occur although not to often, but frequently
enough to be irritating (the controller's LED is on at that time).
Well, perhaps the NVIDIA SATA isn't the best fit for DOS.

> For most of us, I feel UIDE with its 1400 bytes of extra logic beyond
> the actual "driver", 800 for UIDE2, is a more reasonable caching idea
> and provides fully-adequate speed, especially as both can do UltraDMA
> directly to/from the actual XMS cache buffers!   That saves time that
> a "Write Back" cache, with separate drivers, might not be able to do!

I agree, thanks for providing such nice thing. :)

>>> Just tell them you know a "Sorcerer"!
>> "Wizard" is a better fit ;) - "Sorcerer" means the evil kind.
> Not always:  King Arthur's "Merlin the Magician" is usually portrayed
> as a "Good Guy", and it is him I usually have in mind.   If I want to
> be seen as a bit more "evil", I say "Witch Doctor" or "Hoodoo Man"!!

Just out of curiosity ;) , made a "quick search" on this subject; some
"specialists" wrote about this:

- “Merlin wore many hats: he was a wizard or sorcerer, a prophet, a
bard, an adviser and a tutor,” (
http://claricemoran.wikispaces.com/Merlin )

...but some other authority prefers to see him as a wizard rather:

- anyway, the other one described the difference:

"What makes a wizard different from an enchanter, a magician, a
sorcerer, a thaumaturgist, etc.? Well, sorcerers are sometimes evil,
`black magicians' (i.e., practitioners of black magic)... But in
general, not a lot, although fantasy authors and FRPGs might use the
names with narrower meanings. [..] Another example: `The difference
between a wizard and a sorcerer is comparable to that between, say, a
lion and a tiger, but wizards are acutely status-conscious, and to
them, it's more like the difference between a lion and a dead kitten.'
( http://galatea.meccahosting.com/~a0006753/wizards%20world.htm )

In conclusion: "wizard" writes extraordinary drivers - "sorcerer"
creates e.g. very interesting... viruses. ;)

> Forgot to mention in my last post that if you do run
> UIDE2 in HMA space with /H, you must limit the cache [..]

Thanks, I think, that it could be worthy to add this comment to UIDE-s

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