>>>> We need NO more "hardware", CERTAINLY NOT any damned 64-bitters
>>>> having 64-GB of memory, when in fact Intel/Microsoft never REALLY
>>>> learned to use 32-bit or even 16-bit systems all that well! ...
>>> I agree, but nobody else does ... Perhaps you should read what
>>> Niklaus Wirth had to say back in 1995, "Plea for Lean Software".
>> I did read Wirth's comments, and he is essentially correct, although
>> he LOST my attention by making his project specific for his needs,
> Well, the big problem is that there are too many derivatives, and it's
> hard to get it booting (at least for me).   Also, yeah, it pretty much
> assumes you do everything its own unique way ...

Never knew a "college professor" who thought any differently!!

>> ... e.g. it includes an object-oriented language (YECCH to me, even
>> more than "C").
> In fairness, Oberon is basically very very similar to Modula-2, so the
> OOP stuff is very minimal and completely optional ...

Glad to hear that, but it changes little re: my opinion of Wirth's system.

>> And I agree, nobody listened -- Microsoft had to continue "feeding" its
>> 1500 Win/NT programmers and its maybe 500 DOS programmers at that time!
>> They remind me of the old Jason Robards and Barbara Harris movie titled
>> "A Thousand Clowns"!
> Too big for their britches, perhaps.   Too focused on money, too trendy.
> But what can you do, that's what sells.

Not to ME, it doesn't!   I shall KEEP my 5-year-old AMD 3000+ with its only
1-GB of "regular SDRAM" (not SDRAM2 or SDRAM3) for as long as I can.   Runs
fine for me, has for 5 years, and saves me all that MONEY v.s. being forced
by Intel/Microsoft into buying what THEY think I should buy, same as my old
1994 V6.22 MS-DOS and 1996 V4.0 Win/NT have also saved me a LOT of money!

In my day-to-day life, I follow a simple rule:  If somebody has to write or
E-Mail me a letter, call me on the telephone, or worst-of-all come knocking
on my door, WHATEVER they are "pushing" I absolutely DO NOT want!   I "paid
attention" in school and thus can make MY OWN decisions re: what to buy and
when!   Same thoughts about my computer -- Intel and Gates & Co. will NEVER
"push" me into buying their latest (usually high-cost) "trend" items!   Sad
how more people do not see things this way and get "Sold down the river" so
often!   We need such things like AHCI and "Vista" like we need the PLAGUE!

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