Hi Zbigniew,

> There are various tools for Windows/Linux, which can display actual
> CPU workload. Since DOS doesn't do multitasking, my guess is, that
> here "external" utility won't be of any use. But DOS-program...

Actually you can use FDAPM for that: While the APMDOS
function is active, FDAPM keeps MSDOS POWER compatible
statistics of which percentage of the timer tick "time
slices" contains signs of DOS and the apps being idle.
In such situations, the cpu is halted with HLT and/or
BIOS APM calls until the next IRQ (next timer tick or
any other IRQ based event that happens eariler). There
is no measurement of whether the next IRQ is from the
timer and no measurement of how much of the time slice
elapsed until DOS went idle, but the statistics still
are pretty useful to get an idea :-) If your programs
behave do everything as fast as possible even if there
is nothing to do, FDAPM will believe that your CPU is
100% busy, but most programs do use FDAPM-visible idle
by for example waiting for the next keypress if there
is nothing else to do. I remember that EDIT needed a
small patch long ago to help FDAPM and that SSH2DOS is
one of the examples of invisibly idle programs, as the
"waiting for network activity" state is not recognized
as a state of boredom by FDAPM :-)


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