On Wed, 2012-03-28 at 23:27 +0000, Zbigniew wrote:
> You know: graphics is one thing - this is just actual "fun project" -
> but being able to detect instantly the weak place in program, which is
> causing unnecessarily high CPU load (say: looping for a key without
> any "pause 10 ms"), is the other useful thing. Then actually I'm
> looking for something of "more general" nature, that can be then used
> also in program, that has quite nothing to do with graphics.

WARNING, you can't write a program that takes another arbitrary 
program as input and tells you whether or not it halts.  This is 
called the halting problem.  As far as loop troubleshooting, you may
want to use another OS and a debugger to write your program.  If the
language is truly portable, you should be able to take your debugged
program and compile or interpret it in Freedos.  Since Freedos probably
doesn't protect memory, programming in an environment that does is most
likely a good idea.

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