Johnson Lam has posted a new DRIVERS.ZIP file, now dated
23-Mar-2012, on his website at:


The UIDE and UIDE2 drivers now use only 912 bytes of upper-
or DOS memory with their /H switch!    To do this, UIDE now
runs 30 BIOS units (was 34) same as UIDE2, and the logic in
both to handle caching requests from other drivers has been
revised to save space.   See the UIDE.TXT file, for details
about this.

No change to the other drivers, and the update for UIDE and
UIDE2 is only for convenience, not a "bug fix".   Thus far,
no one has needed 30 BIOS units or has called my drivers to
do user-driver caching (regrettably).   So, this update for
UIDE/UIDE2 should not affect anyone.

Johnson's website may still display 7-Mar-2012 as its "Last
Update", but the files now available ARE dated 23-Mar-2012,
and Johnson will correct this when he can (very busy!).

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