At 04:55 PM 4/2/2012, Garry Ricketson wrote:
>Ok, 1 more question,  I also installed Freedos to a laptop, (Acer 
>aspire series 150), runs fine, but I can not get the
>"touch pad ,(mouse)", or a USB mouse, to work.  I tried CTMOUSE, but 
>it says it is not installed ? Do I need to download CTMOUSE , and 
>add it ?  I also tried installing the USBUHCI driver, so I could use 
>USBMOUSE, but it is causeing a "lockup",... (keyboard,etc) just as 
>the warning says it might. So any suggestions as to what usb /mouse 
>driver would be best ?
>   On this computer (the one I use most,and am using at this time), 
> my "table" top, a old IBM, I did not have any problem with the 
> mouse working when I installed Freedos, everything works fine, 
> right from  the start.

Chances are that you would need a driver for that touchpad to work 
and for Cutemouse to detect it in the first place...


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