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> On Mon, Apr 2, 2012 at 2:34 PM, Mark Brown <eufdp...@yahoo.com> wrote:
> as usual, we all need more and better freeware,
> and like the gnu flag says, free thinking...
> maybe someday someone will invent an operating system
> that promotes user programming instead of suppresses it.
> <blink>
> Linux does.  It's open source.  You can get the code and modify it, or
> create complete new code.  So does Android (which is based on a Linux
> kernel.)  For that matter, the APIs for Windows and OS/X are
> published, and you can create code to run under them.  Thousands of
> people do.
> Of course, you *do* have to learn to program, and *no* OS can relieve
> you of that.
> But is easier to learn how to write DOS programs than Windows or Linux
> programs.
> DOS is a great OS to introduce programming.

> A simple programming language as Qbasic or Euphoria give you near
> total control over your hardware and OS functions.

And if you want to progress beyond writing simple programs for DOS,
you must still learn another OS or so, *and* one or more other
programming languages.

You're probably better to learn a language that is cross platform to
begin with, like Python or Java, or perhaps go for HTML5, CSS3 and
JavaScript, where all you need is a browser to view your results.  You
probably *aren't* concerned with total control of the hardware, unless
you're in the embedded space.  The development of programming
languages has been toward increased abstraction, and freeing the
programmer from being concerned with the hardware.

DOS is a lot of fun to play with.  If you want to seriously learn to
program, where you will be creating software for *other* people to
use, it's *not* where you *start*.

> Marco A. Achury

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