Alex: I wonder if it would really all that much of a risk if we post links
of copyrighted programs (which are already hosted on other
websites/FTP servers)."

Direct links are a No-No.   They tend to die rather quickly, as people
shift stuff around on their hard disks, for example.  Also, it could be
argued that FreeDOS was intentionally promoting piracy by such links.
Better off to just review the software, and at the bottom of the webpage
have a note saying "Abandonware games may be found at the following
websites.... Applications and utilities are at .....  FreeDOS makes no
warranty or guarantee that ..."

Rugxulo: What was DOS most famous for?"

In office software:  Lotus 1-2-3 *and clones), DBase 3 and 3.5,
                              Paradox, QuattroPro, Javelin,  MS Project
In word processing:  Brief, Wordperfect,  MS Word, Wordstar,
                                 XyWrite, NotaBene, PC Outline
In graphics: AutoCad, Harvard Graphics, Corel Draw,  PhotoShop
In mathematics: MathCad, Derive, TKSolver
In programing: MASM, QBASIC, MS C,  Turbo C, Lahey Fortran,
                        Scheme,  Turbo Pascal, Watcom C, DJGPP
In utilities: Norton, PC Tools, GEM, DesqView, X-Tree, FastBack

This is far from complete!  And most DOS users have a dozen or so utilities
to which they've become accustomed to, almost as natural as breathing -- in
my case, ACD, CED, Flopper, Fog, List, MoSlo, Nansi, PushD, Wc, Zap.   It
actually strikes me listings and reviews of utilities would be far more
enertaining than comparable descriptions of "major" applications.
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