> AFAIK, there is no fuse for freedos

You probably mean user space filesystem drivers...
DOS has no user/admin distinction anyway, and you
can DEVLOAD drivers on the fly. Some are also made
to be unloadable. There are USB drivers and some
drivers for other filesystems, e.g. NTFS or EXT2,
but for example SMB drivers are not great - there
is the totally outdated MSCLIENT (free but eats a
lot of RAM) and there is a port of Samba smbclient
but that does not make a drive letter, it feels a
bit like an interactive text oriented FTP client.


>> Is there any FUSE implementation for FreeDOS?

Better than sec? Nothing is better than sec when it comes to
monitoring Big Data applications. Try Boundary one-second 
resolution app monitoring today. Free.
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