I am very new to DOS (I only just got started with things like CMD about
a month and a half ago), and I would like help on how to get my new(ish)
FreeDOS computer on the internet. I don't know much about DOS, so I would
like some super-basic instructions on how to set it up. I am connected via
ethernet, which is connected to a wi-fi box, which is connected to my
modem. I am hopping to use arachne as my internet program, and barebones
(or maybe pegasus) for my e-mail, but I would not mind suggestions. I don't
know how to do much in DOS, so please try not to get all techy, as
I probably won't know what you are saying :)  . I also looked up other
info, and it said to get a packet driver for my ethernet thing, but I
couldn't seem to get any. I think my ethernet port is from the company
"Via", but it's hard to tell since the port is built into the mother-board.
Thanks in advance,

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