On Thu, Apr 5, 2012 at 9:21 PM, Kenny Emond <cheeseylem...@gmail.com> wrote:
>   I am very new to DOS (I only just got started with things like CMD about a
> month and a half ago), and I would like help on how to get my new(ish)
> FreeDOS computer on the internet.

Good luck! It's a tough thing to get working, so I hate to downplay
your hopes, but you may want to be a bit less optimistic.   :-(

> I don't know much about DOS, so I would
> like some super-basic instructions on how to set it up. I am connected via
> ethernet, which is connected to a wi-fi box, which is connected to my modem.

Wi-fi isn't well-supported in DOS. But ....

> I also looked up other info, and it said to get a packet driver for
> my ethernet thing, but I couldn't seem to get any. I think my
> ethernet port is from the company "Via", but it's hard to tell
> since the port is built into the mother-board. Thanks in advance,

In bare DOS, try running NICSCAN.EXE (from below):


Otherwise, I suppose other people can help more. All I can suggest
(for "quick 'n easy" DOS-based 'Net use) is based upon emulators, e.g.
VirtualBox + PCNTPK or SwsVpkt via WinXP. So, if you're really
impatient, at least that will give you some idea of how things work.
(P.S. Try the Dillo port, it's cool.)

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