At 12:48 PM 4/6/2012, Alex wrote:
>Any idea why OpenGEM is the only GUI environment listed on the 
>FreeDOS website under the category GUIs? To be fair, I must say that 
>if you look hard withing the website you do find the reference to 
>other GUIs, such as the Icon GUI. So why OpenGEM is the only one in 
>the spotlight? Please share your experiences with regard to 
>DOS-based GUIs as development tools. Thanks again, Alex -

Simply because it is the only half-ways complete one that also works...

There have been tons of attempts to create something new, like the 
myriad of "SEAL" versions that were once around but none of them got anywhere.

And what exactly do you mean by "GUI as development tool". That's a 
term that doesn't make any sense to me at least...


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