In the recent threads there have been many mentions to the fact that
FreeDOS is "only" 16bit (of course, that is what it is meant to be)
and that it is out of touch with the modern computing world.

I was wondering what would it take to upgrade FreeDOS to 32bit,
whether it would be worth and whether we would have the human
What would be the pros, cons, in actual terms *for FreeDOS users*? The
underlying assumption is that FreeDOS is, as stated by others, a
"niche OS", and we have no problem with that. Nor do we need to run
after all the modern computer standards just for the sake of being
abreast with the times.
Having said this, could we have tangible benefits from a 32bit
version? What are the prospects of a 32bit FreeDOS in the future? And,
again, would it be worth?

I expect flames in this thread, but that is not the objective.

By the way, there once was a FreeDOS-32 project being developed. Does
anyone know if it is ever likely to see the light of the day? What are
the prospects?


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