> Actually, I wish someone would release a Windows 3.1 driver that can
> get my ATI Rage 128, XPERT 2000, card to output 256 colors.  For that

Somebody may have tweaked existing SVGA drivers into generic VESA.
I am not aware of anything 3d accelerated in Windows 3 anyways...

> Linux gets a bad rap because many modern graphics cards don't work 100%,
> especially AMD video cards.  If there was enough competition like there

User 1: Hey my 3d game crashes in Linux!

User 2: Yes but look at this new AMD Windows 3 driver!
Now you can run all the cool 90s games again instead!

I do not think Windows 3 can ever impress Linux users?

> If you want to be able to run Windows software, help the ReactOS people.

Good point.

> Say you reverse engineer a piece of modern ATI/AMD hardware
> that a lot of people have which doesn't even work well in Linux.

Tiny chance. Look at DOS media players, they use source code
of Linux drivers instead of reinventing the wheel or reverse
engineering the drivers from the raw hardware.

> Something I've been mulling over is putting together a company that only
> produces standards compliant computer hardware where the standards are
> open ones that are readily available to everyone.  It would be a big

Some open source people work towards open firmware and hardware
because they worry about everything becoming like a smartphone,
with app shops and pay per view and DRM etc. Join forces :-) As
long as SOME users still realize that you better be able to run
the software that YOU want to run, there will be a market there.

Eric :-)

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