FWIW, I had problems with my computers also.  The original DSL modem I had
(provided by the phone company) worked fine, but it eventually went belly
up.  I bought a new one (made by ActionTec), but for some unknown reason DOS
WATTCP doesn't like the DHCP server provided by the new modem.  In Windows,
everything works fine.  I was never able to figure out why WATTCP doesn't
like the DHCP server, but managed to work around the issue by using static

BTW, static IP's are also very useful sometimes even in Windows for things
like network printers, because print driver software often expects the IP
address of a printer to never change.  If you add or remove devices from the
network every once in awhile, or don't turn your network-attached printers
on for days or weeks at a time, the IP addresses can change, and Windows may
not be able to "find" the printer any more.  Very annoying.

I don't know if this will fix your particular problem or not, but here's
what I did.

First of all, I got into the DSL modem DHCP configuration to set up a range
of static IP addresses I could use.  In the DHCP configuration, I set up the
range of DHCP assigned addresses to -> .254.  This lets me use -> .239 for static IP's for DOS, printers, and other situations
where a static IP is preferable to DHCP.  Obviously, I need to keep track of
what static IP is assigned to what so I don't end up having conflicts.

Then, in WATTCP.CFG (for my main computer) I have the following:

I have similar things in my WATTCP.CFG for the other computers also, with
the my_ip and host_name changed as appropriate.  This fixed the problems
with both Arachne and Dillo.
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