2012/4/11, Rugxulo <rugx...@gmail.com>:

> Good to know, thanks for the feedback, but ...
> a). there is no maintainer for 4DOS

It seems, there's no hope for handling that timer-related issues too soon.

> b). it doesn't compile (easily), and OpenWatcom isn't supported

...it's even worse. O_O

>> 2. Could it be made to use slash as separator in pathnames, just like
>> 4DOS allows both slash and backslash? Every Linux/BSD user will
>> appreciate that.
> Just use DJGPP and/or its (old) GNU Bash 2.05b.   :-)

Well, didn't try it, in fact.

>> P.S. On the contrary: to 4DOS could be added "line completion", which
>> works nicely in FreeCon.
> Doesn't it already have it? Up-arrow or F9 should do something, but I
> don't regularly use 4DOS, so I can't remember exactly. You'll have to
> be more specific (or search the online help).

Just checked it again: indeed it has it. The problem is, that it works
only in case, when one's using backslash as path separator.

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