> My personal vote would be for bringing a little more order, I mean:
> to suppress recognizing such input as option, if slash is directly
> after some string of characters - in such case path recognition
> should be assumed.

Problem with that is that I've seen programs that _require_ the options to 
beginning immediately after the program name.  E.g.:

  DATE /T   returns an error, while
  DATE/T    works like it should

Theoretically, either should be OK, but that simply isn't always the case.  
Basically, what you're suggesting is simply not possible in the general case, 
and gets even uglier when LFN's are involved.

BTW, your suggestion could go the other way too: why can't *nix change to 
accept either "-" or "/" (or nothing, like many DOS programs allow) to start an 
option, and either "/" or "\" for a path separator?

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