I'm using a Freedos system on a play computer, a PIII coppermine system.
I'm also multi booting Windows 98SE and Windows 2000.  Question is,
should I be multi booting or should I be emulating all of these OSes
from a more powerful OS on a more powerful computer?

For example, there is talk of wanting to be able to play records and
listen to AM/FM radio.  Can these things be supported from a Freedos
system?  Drivewire for my color computer requires Windows, but I figure
it is too difficult to take care of that issue.  Another thought, use
Syllable Desktop when the next release comes out as the host OS.  Does
Syllable support DOSbox?  Anyone have experience emulating DOS under
Syllable?  How about the need to play records and listen to radio?  Oh,
I have a digital tuner on my network so television watching works, at
least under Linux and Windows, from a computer.

I mostly use DOS for games.  Since my current Freedos system is just 
a Coppermine PIII, I have avoided emulation.  One complaint against a
computer based media center supporting radio and records as well as
television is that computers are slow and overly complicated to 

One thought I have is keep the PIII and make it a single boot Freedos
system using the KVM switch to change over to it.

I wish I could drop the Windows systems, but ReactOS isn't stable yet
and I haven't really tried Wine lately.  Games of concern are:  Diablo
II, Red Alert Command and Conquer, Journeyman Project Turbo, in other
words old 98SE games.

Should I be thinking emulate everything or should I be thinking a newer
computer for: record playing, AM/FM radio, movies, and television with
the existing PIII system for just games sharing the same console via a
KVM switch?

I'm thinking Syllable because it looks like a simplified environment
where Linux has become rather heavy lately and having to log on even 
is an issue.  The idea that you put a record on the turntable and that
it just works makes putting a computer in the equation unacceptable to
most people.

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