Hi! Blatant ad for an obvious solution: I got the impression
that the ext2 partitions are boring for this user and can be
shrunk or even deleted. For that, a GPARTED bootable CD, DVD
or USB stick provides a free and easy tool which works for
a number of interfaces... USB should be no problem :-)


>>> If the EXT2 has something important
>>> on it and you don't have Linux installed, boot a live Linux CD an copy
>>> it off
>>> first. Files themselves don't care what type of partition they are on.
>> I assume he's thought of that already, but I don't know of a lot of
>> lean Linuxes. Perhaps ttylinux or even old ZipSlack or old DSL would
>> be good enough.
> TinyCore or Puppy might also do.  IIRC, the ISO for TinyCore...

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