On Sat, Apr 21, 2012 at 8:13 AM, Michael B. Brutman
<mbbrut...@brutman.com> wrote:
> Making mTCP more CPU power aware - I went down this path and there are
> #defines in the code for some of it.  I chose not to implement it
> because there was confusion on how to do it across all of the platforms
> (older versions of PC DOS like 2.x, newer versions of DOS, DOSBox, and
> VMWare/VirtualBox) without having to do separate compiles or
> sophisticated run-time detection.  That could still make it in the short
> term, but I need to do a lot of testing on a variety of machines.

You could always compile power management in the .EXEs but disable it,
and let the user enable it piecemeal via config file if so desired.
Then maybe?? report results back to you anonymously via e-mail with
the results (opt in by default). Hey, it works for Google.   ;-)

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