>>where *have* you been?.

There's this kid. Doesn't say much. In fact as time goes by, the family
sees that he doesn't say anything. Figuring something is wrong they take
him to one specialist after another; same result;
doesn't speak. Finally, in desperation, they mortgage the house and take
him to switzerland to see the most renowned specialist in the field;
examines the kid,says "I am sorry, there is nothing
I can do.".
   They fly back home under a cloud of gloom. That Sunday, at dinner, the
kid says "please pass the mashed potatoes.".
knives drop; forks drop; jaws drop. The kid's father says "this is a
miracle! My son, how *is* it that you now speak to us?".
The kid says "well, up to now everything's been alright.".(cymbal shot).
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