I just installed FreeDOS onto a laptop. The installation was going fine,
and even said it completed succesfully. So when it rebooted, it went
through the normal thing (asking whether or not to use jemmex, which I have
always just let it load with jemmex [I already have FreeDOS on a Desktop
computer]), but then it gave me this message:

     JemmEx v5.75 [05/21/11]
     JemmEx loaded
     Kernel: allocated 46 Diskbuffers = 24472 Bytes in HMA

     JemmEx: exception 06 occured at CS:EIP=12E5:0000D1D1, ERRC=00000000
     SS:ESP=12E5:000001F4 EBP=00000001 EFL=00033A47 CR0=80000011
     EAX=00000006 EBX=0000000F ECX:00000000 EDX=0000090D ESI=00000000
     DS=090D ES=029B FS=0030 GS=0010 [CS:IP]=FF FF 0F FF FF FF 0F 8B
     Press ESC to abort program

  Which I did, and then this popped up right underneath the other thing:

     Bad or missing Command Interpreter:
       Enter the full shell command line:

  I have no clue what happened. I wish I did. Any help would be GREATLY
appreciated. Also, I do know how to use FreeDOS, but I am not exactly as
DOS/computer-expert savvy as everyone else, so please don't confuse me with
all that hackers/programmers mumbo-jumbo. Thanks,

                                    --- A FreeDOS User

P.S.- How exactly do I reply to the posts on the FreeDOS-User group? I use
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