For a starter, remove any and all of the following lines:

>       Bad or missing Command Interpreter: C:\FDOS\BIN\COMMAND.COM
> <http://COMMAND.COM> C:\FDOS\BIN /E:1024
>       /P=C:\AUTOEXEC.BAT
>         Enter the full shell command line:

Usually it's enough to enter C:\COMMAND.COM or C:\FDOS\BIN\COMMAND.COM
when this issue crops up.
> P.S.- How exactly do I reply to the posts on the FreeDOS-User group? I
> use gmail.

Enter your Gmail address there and pick some password, preferably a
unique one, thus different from your email password.

I typed "C:\" and it said something, then at the bottom it also
said "System halted". So I restarted it, and chose the fourth selection
(Load freedos without drivers), and it came on with no problem. As for that
part about "DOS=HIGH" and such, I don't know where that is, so I can't
erase it. If you meant in the autoexec.bat file, there was no such part in
it to erase. Also, I already subscribed to the list, but theres nowhere to
log in (if there's supposed to be).
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