>   I just installed FreeDOS onto a laptop. The installation was going fine,
> and even said it completed succesfully. So when it rebooted, it went

Which is interesting...

> through the normal thing (asking whether or not to use jemmex, which I have
> always just let it load with jemmex [I already have FreeDOS on a Desktop
> computer]), but then it gave me this message:

Apparently JEMMEX has a compatibility problem with your computer.
Try only loading HIMEMX or XMGR, or read the JEMMEX documentation
and edit (fd)config.sys to make JEMMEX use more careful settings.

>      JemmEx v5.75 [05/21/11]
>      JemmEx loaded
>      Kernel: allocated 46 Diskbuffers = 24472 Bytes in HMA
>      JemmEx: exception 06 occured at CS:EIP=12E5:0000D1D1

Note how the exception happens immediately after the kernel
starts to use the HMA for disk buffers (and other things).
Also, COMMAND.COM failed to load, which might be the first
thing which makes more use of XMS depending on your config.

>      SS:ESP=12E5:1F4 EBP=1 EFL=00033A47 CR0=80000011 CR2=0

That is not much stack but should be okay. The CR0 value
means: protected mode on, FPU ET=1, paging enabled, seems
to be a normal state to me after JEMMEX loads.

>      EAX=6 EBX=0F ECX:0 EDX=90D ESI=0 EDI=0
>      DS=090D ES=029B FS=0030 GS=0010 [CS:IP]=FF FF 0F FF FF FF 0F 8B

Not sure what this means but FS and GS seem to be protected
mode values while the other segments are from DOS / VM86.

Also, the "code" for this exception 6 (invalid opcode) is
very "FF-ish", maybe some of the memory that DOS or JEMMEX
tried to access were not actually useable at that moment?

A conflict with some aspects of your hardware or firmware
might be the reason, or troubles switching a (virtual) A20
but all of this is pretty much a very superficial guess.

>      Press ESC to abort program
>   Which I did, and then this popped up right underneath the other thing:
>      Bad or missing Command Interpreter:
>        Enter the full shell command line:

Basically you could type the failed command again, but
the error message suggests that a problem triggered by
starting to use HMA / XMS for kernel, disk buffers and
maybe other things made DOS unable to access the file
on your harddisk - although the file probably IS there.

>   I have no clue what happened. I wish I did.

I suggest that you try starting with HIMEMX (or XMGR)
without JEMMEX (or JEMM386) or try setting some safe
options for JEMMEX, such as X=a000-ffff or similar,
but please read the JEMMEX readme for better values.


> P.S.- How exactly do I reply to the posts on the FreeDOS-User group?
> I use gmail.

That should not depend on gmail, just reply to a post
and try to keep quoted parts marked as such... If you
have the choice, use plain text, not HTML / richtext.
I prefer mixing quoted parts and answers, as you see.

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