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> I am new to the list and would appreciate some help loading a bootable
> version of Freedos on to a 1 GB compact flash card.  This is for a small
> PC-104 system I have.  Several years ago I had a version that was on a
> floppy (1.4 meg).  Later I got a CD for loading bootable Freedos on to a
> hard drive.  But this version takes much, much more disk space than what
> the floppy did.  Is there a bootable version of Freedos that will fit on
> my compact flash card that doesn't require so much space?

Usually SYS X: does the trick, where X: is the driveletter assigned to a 
FAT32 formatted storage device.

If you're working on Windows, have a look at RUFUS, found at
[ http://rufus.akeo.ie/ ]. Under Windows, it performs all the 
partitioning, formatting and bootsector manipulation in 1 go.

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