> I recently put FreeDOS on my laptop that has built in wireless. I tried to
> see if the BIOS on the computer would let me know what the packet driver

Wireless is quite complicated, including extra security
layers that are not needed for wired network (LAN) so
DOS drivers are very rare. However, you could try small
external wireless devices which connect through a LAN
cable (NOT via USB) to your laptop. Not as popular as
the USB WLAN sticks that you see everywhere, not even
as popular as 3G / UMTS USB sticks, but available in a
sufficiently dedicated computer shop, I would say :-)

Note that such devices will probably need an AC power
supply, so you only get comfort similar to PLC (DLAN,
PowerLAN) as you still need a cable, but only to the
next AC wall outlet to power your WLAN to LAN device.


PS: For a few old, first generation, WLAN devices, such
as some old PCMCIA cards, DOS drivers actually do exist.

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