> Can I boot FreeDos from a SATA HDD and how to format the SATA HDD in
> order to boot FreeDos from it? Best regards, Radoslav Tchipanov

No problem at all. As opposed to Windows, where SATA drivers
are not always included, DOS just uses the BIOS as driver and
as your BIOS supports booting any OS from SATA, this includes
that you can fully use your SATA harddisk in DOS... :-)

Some caveats: If your harddisk uses a GPT partitioning scheme
(not the classic MBR) then you cannot yet have a DOS partition
installed on it. Also, harddisks with sectors larger than 512
bytes are not supported yet, in particular not for booting. In
general, only disks larger than 2 TeraByte (!) are problematic
which means thousands of GigaByte or millions of MegaByte :-)

Also, the BIOS driver will usually not have the highest possible
speed with your harddisk, but only multitasking operating systems
with NCQ (multiple concurrent queued I/O) reach top speed anyway.


PS: I suggest that you use another operating system tool, e.g.
GPARTED if you use Linux, to format and partition your disk if
you plan to have multiple operating systems on the disk. If you
want to use the disk ONLY for DOS, any DOS fdisk should be okay.

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