At 02:45 AM 5/18/2012, Radoslav Tchipanov wrote:
>Hi Ralf
>This board D525MW has printer port - the board is in front of me.

My bad, I must have looked at a different Atom board... :-[

>We use our proprietary software which controls external I/O board 
>trough printer port at address 378. Unfortunately the software could 
>not communicate with the board on this motherboard, as it does on 
>older computers.

As you are not sure what port it might be using and just assuming 
that it uses 378h is certainly wrong, have you checked with what 
value is in the BIOS data segment at 0040h:0008h? That should tell 
you what the (first) parallel ports actual base address supposed to 
be. Chances are, it might be for example 3BCh, as with PS/2 or Compaq computers

>About the graphics. Our software is written in C and uses the video 
>controller in graphics mode trough C graphic driver. Unfortunately 
>only the zero digit is displayed properly. All other digits are not 
>displayed on the screen.

Well, not a FreeDOS issue. You again seem to rely on some specific 
hardware features (character map). Certainly nothing that FreeDOS has 
an influence on. Any character mapping features are video BIOS 
dependent, not DOS...


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