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Jack <...@earthlink.net> wrote :
>> I've been mentioning smartdrive only for the fact that it lets the
>> user explicitly remove one or several drive "letters" from caching,
>> which is handy in some cases - not just floppies.
> Can't imagine WHAT cases, and no one has ever asked me to have UIDE
> cache or not-cache specific drives. 

Case in point : unless explicitly excluded, MS-not-so-Smart-Drive will happily 
cache certain RAMdisks (not MS ramdrive) which is counter-productive to say the 
least. This is very arguably a defect of smartdrive, which I don't expect UIDE 
can possibly share.

I'd like to make a different point since several people have mentioned virtual 
machines - regarding DOS running in VMs, depending on the specific VM and OS, 
there may be little point in caching disk access altogether, as 1. some or all 
"disks" as seen by the virtualised system may in fact be files or otherwise 
streams from the host's PoV, and 2. for real devices caching would be done by 
the host (Linux, Windows, etc.) and/or the VM program anyway. Of course caches 
could still be used inside of a DOS VM for testing and tweaking DOS 
configuration, rather than for performance.  

>> Nobody is denying your drivers are sweet!
> "THANK you!", after all of the above and all in other
> posts!

You're welcome! (Other posts ? /I/ certainly can't remember bashing you or 
dissing your most excellent work anytime)


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