> From: "Ralf A. Quint" <f...@gmx.net>

> At 02:45 PM 5/20/2012, Bertho Grandpied wrote:
>>Case in point : unless explicitly excluded, MS-not-so-Smart-Drive 
>>will happily cache certain RAMdisks (not MS ramdrive)

> What ramdisks would that be? 

Your question is challenging my memory big time - I think it was seen with 
XMSDISK (and cousins thereof) but could've been some other ramdisks.

> A ramdisk that is properly identifying 
> itself as such should not be cached by Smartdrive, if it
> doesn't, it is not the fault of Smartdrive...

Raises the question of what a Ramdisk should do in order to "properly" identify 
itself to smartdrv... impersonate MS-RAMDRIVE, maybe ;=)

I suspect a mix of bad faith and lazy coding on behalf of MS, but - whose 
"fault" ever it may be, the problem - once recognised! - was easily worked 
around by explicitly excluding the RD on smartdrive's command line. 


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