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>Bertho Grandpied wrote:
>>Raises the question of what a Ramdisk should do in order to 
>>"properly" identify itself to smartdrv... impersonate MS-RAMDRIVE, maybe ;=)

> For starters, use a media descriptor byte value of 0xFA in the BPB...

This may be a good recommendation to make to someone who would write yet 
another ram drive for DOS systems. However an 'FA' media byte is *not* how 
MS-Sartdrive, aka Wincache, aka Bambino... would tell a ramdrive from a hard 
disk partition. 

Misc notes: -  1. MS-Ramdrive sets its media = F8
     2 : contrary to popular belief, a media descriptor = FA *was* used by
(some obscure) *real disk gear* known to (MS-)DOS.

>>I suspect a mix of bad faith and lazy coding on behalf of MS, but - 
>>whose "fault" ever it may be, the problem - once recognised! - was 
>>easily worked around by explicitly excluding the RD on smartdrive's 
>>command line.

>yeah, that good old "Microsoft bashing without hard facts" trick, 
>never gets old... :-(

A great classic indeed    ;=)


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