On Wed, May 16, 2012 at 8:16 AM, Ben Edwards <funkyt...@gmail.com> wrote:
> Hi,  I have created a small fat32 patision on my Intel Mac.  I have Mac OS X
> and Windows 7 (NTFS) installed on the box.  When I run the freedos 1.1 CD it
> gives me the option to install it on C: and cant tell me how big the volume
> is.  Am I correct in thinking it wil only install on fat32 so I am not in
> danger of screwing up my Win7 or Mac installes?

Been a while since I did anything with Bootcamp - I prefer VMs rather
than dual-booting like this. However, you *should* be ok. FreeDOS
doesn't recognize NTFS partitions, so while these would show up as
allocated space, FreeDOS *shouldn't* think your NTFS partition was
"C:" and try to reformat it as its own. (Microsoft might do that to a
FreeDOS partition, however, so be careful.)

But I think your limiting factor is that Bootcamp is fairly simple,
IIRC. I experimented with Bootcamp on an Intel Mac a while back, and I
think it had trouble if I tried to put a bootloader on the PC side, to
boot more than one PC operating system (in my case, Linux, and
Windows.) Maybe Apple has changed that. I tried that not long after
Apple introduced Bootcamp, and we got an Intel Mac at work to
experiment on.


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