> Next topic, the floppy change line problems for UIDE:
> VirtualBox does indeed report "without change line"
> for floppy in int 13.15 and does indeed report that
> no change line status is available in int 13.16, so
> UIDE which only looks for "known changed" status as
> opposed to int 13.16 results which are "NO status"
> is expected to be in trouble...

Only when the BIOS data-table tells UIDE/UIDE2 (A) one or two
diskettes are present, and (B) one or both of those diskettes
have change-line support.

> Interestingly, 40:8f is set to 00, 07, 70 or 77 based
> on whether you have A: or B: or both and this is also
> described as "determined, multi-rate, chgline". This
> could be a BUG in VirtualBox, given the int 13.15 and
> int 13.16 code described above...

"Determined, multi-rate, chgline"??

I say again:  "Determined, multi-rate, AND CHANGE-LINE"??!!

So, irrespective of all the supposed "pundits" on this forum
who say UIDE/UIDE2 ought to use ONLY the Int 13h calls, when
finding if a diskette has change-line support, it seems that
SOMEBODY at VirtualBox deemed it NECESSARY to post a CHANGE-
LINE SUPPORTED bit at 0:048Fh!!


NOT including you, Eric, who took the time to "find out" all
of the above, but I think there are many God-DAMNED BUFFOONS
on this forum who owe ME an APOLOGY!!!!

Jack R. Ellis

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