Are you more interested in actually getting your program to work, or in trying 
to prove that you're smarter than everybody else?

Let's take this from the perspective of someone trying to write a BIOS.  If I 
were trying to do that, I would do my due diligence and obtain as many 
references as I could.  This would include BIOS Central, RBIL, and as many 
"hard books" as I could reasonably get hold of.  Some people have been doing 
research on this in the background, and nobody yet has reported a hard book 
saying anything at all 40:8F.

BIOS Central says one thing, RBIL says another.  Which one is right?  Maybe 
both (different BIOS's on different computers), maybe neither.  I do know that 
both of these are secondary, not primary, sources.  At least some of their 
information is gathered by experimentation on specific computers, and can be 
pure conjecture.  Extrapolating information from specific computers and 
applying it to all computers is, at best, reckless.

Which one do I believe?  I can't believe either one.  I need another source of 
corroboration, one that I know didn't just copy their information from BIOS 
Central or RBIL.

So, I go to a primary, official source -- The IBM Technical Reference (it 
doesn't get any more official or primary than that).  The IBM PS/2 Technical 
Reference from 1991 simply says that 40:8F is "Reserved".

So, what do I do with 40:8F in my BIOS?  The short answer is, I can do anything 
I want.  If somebody points the finger back at me and says, "It should work 
like BIOS Central says," I can laugh and say, "Says who?"  BIOS Central does 
not have any more credibility than RBIL, and neither one of them can touch IBM.

UIDE is using an undocumented and unverifiable feature and needs to be fixed.  
VirtualBox is "following the rules."

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